Biyernes, Disyembre 23, 2011

Polluted Mind

Down the Boulevard, an empty pavement I stare
Clouds screech a deafening honk with some flashing lights.
Black droplets starts to penetrate my skin so fair.
Streets filled with dark stagnant waters, look not so right.

An atmosphere covered with thick, filthy smog.
I inhale a wind full of nicotine and dust.
The wrong deed I did was to do nothing but nag.
Now so thrilled to see, ice melts and volcanoes blast.

A jungle made of concrete, painted of metals
where wild beasts dwell, ruining their own habitat.
the beasts enjoy, nature suffers and now fatal
what a wasted future, all started with a blot.

The rain has stopped but never the Earth's agony.
Now I stand with disgrace and pure melancholy.
Ashamed to look above the sky, I bowed my head.
Promised to do my part and never leave words unsaid.

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