Biyernes, Disyembre 23, 2011

Pain in Rain

Azured sky was surfaced by black crying clouds,
so under a dark gloomy night I stayed not too proud.
The dripping rain stings this heart so grey.
Thinking of forgiveness but the mind strongly says nay.
Tears touching the cheeks now flows with the waters.
The thunder reminds me of the excuse he falters.
Amidst the rain and pain, a fake truth I've been trying to be
I stand stood still, even the tempest can't blow the toughness only I could see.
An endless quarrel we shared, his lie lingers though 'twas left unsaid.
A union not worth fighting for turned blue from red.
Love is not enough, it does not conquer all, never it'll prevail.
Unconsciously we live in fantasy, a reason why love fails. 
Reality hurts, trying not to face it hurts even more.
The grief he bore may dig the deepest of my core.
But an oath I took, he wasn't a mistake but a lesson learned.
Agony I have suffered but an experience I earned.
The drizzle has stopped and the path I'll be taking might be muddy.
I opt not to cease from taking a pace away from a past so rocky.
The rain has baptized me with a new identity.
The splashes of water washed out the weaknesses
?I once owned, now I'm bolder and free.

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