Biyernes, Disyembre 23, 2011

The Elusive Peace

Dead trees, ice melts, the sun's heat. Oh it penetrates.
Dusty wind, filthy waters, proudly pollution is consistent of its rates.
Smog, the planet's breath. Can't you hear the Earth's hiss?
Amidst it all, there is Peace.

Loaded guns, triggered pistols, villains are gone, innocents are down.
Soldiers dying, their comrades suffering, casualties over town.
Munitions on the way, missiles to take off, indeed an action of fierce.
Amidst it all, there is Peace.

A deafening quarrel of a brother and a sister, coated of pure wrath above.
The untied vow of a husband and wife, a fruit of perfidious love.
 Once a home, now with a family broken piece by piece.
Amidst it all, there is Peace.

The ennui your mind is strugglin' the throe your heart is feeling.
An avalanche of dilemma is comin' torment you wish of its ending.
Solutions so evasive, truly a life not in bliss.
Amidst it all, there is Peace.

In a polluted world, there is CHANGE.
Between every war, there is UNITY.
At the middle of a fight, there is LOVE.
When you feel like giving up, there is HOPE.
Amidst it all, there is PEACE.

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