Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011



The mind keeps to resist
but the heart tries to insist.
As the heart pumps blood through the vein, it says go,
but as the mind controls the muscle to move, it says no.

I’ve longed to meet my man, a man I’ll crave for against the odd
but it ain’t easy for I’m a lad who’s in love with a lad.
Loving you would be an astonishing scenery,
to our Deity it is an unblemished misery.

Found my self in a midst of vacillation.
My mind was clouding in confusion.
You awaken the torpid heart of mine,
if you’d know, you’ll surely hit me with a dime.

Thinking to confess, but scared that the result would be negligence.
The heart shouts for protest, ‘cause in us there might be congruence.
However, the mind says, ‘have pity and please stop this insanity’.
Trying to decide clearly, i asked myself abruptly …

Am I sturdy enough to face the reality
or feeble enough to keep on living in fantasy ?
The answer … is still UNDECIDED.

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