Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

Uncaged Sparrow


Lingering moments keep running inside this mind,
words can’t falter what this heart is trying to find.
Besotted with own notion of trust, faith and love.
Prisoner than lover; deprived to fly above.
Didn’t know what I’ve become, avarice I owned.
Nailed and buried you with chains inside my love’s tomb.
Possessiveness blind you to witness liberty.
Elusive volition for a thine in pity,
now had broken wings ‘caused by pure voracity.
Thought our loved reached the zenith of felicity,
deceived with devotion, believed its in fiery.
Eyes now fully wide-opened; seen love in dreary.
Alone with no choice, for if I love you dearly,
though its tearing me, I must let you go, be free.
Hoping as you depart, bestow me forgiveness.
Oblivion, last thing you’ll do. That’s your promise.
When you take a pace away, never do look back.
It will make me commemorate what my life’s lack.
Go, fly away and feel the emancipation,
Let the wind blow all I’ve caused in life’s obstruction.
Love may had wizened but ne’er our memoir
Forever I’ll love you… Te amo .. Au revoir ..

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