Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

Treachery is Next to Death


The sun hid its light as I gaze to it.
Nimbus clouds covered the rays made the sky looks so dim.
Sturdy wind blows the sand beneath the shore.
The heavens screamed a trembling noise as the rains pour.

Tears keep falling along the droplets of rain.
Now they’re part of the sea, hoping it’ll wash all his disdain.
I yelled out his name at the endless sea.
A roar echoed caused by voices of waves not in glee.

My bleak body is wet, made me so weak and cold.
but the heart is colder because of a lie untold.
A gust of jealousy blurred the lines I mustn’t had crossed to.
Too late; no one can take him out of the blue.

The pain the bullet I gave him is nothing but empty.
Compared to the ache he caused me from his infidelity.
Life was broken into a million little pieces..
becoming like the stars and sand… now countless.

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