Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

some facts about HALMETHYST…

  • HALMETHYST is a combination of the two renowned section in Daniel High - Halcon and Amethyst.
  • They’ve just been together for two years but they’ve seem like to know each other since forever.
  • Aside from their classroom, they had a second home where they find tranquility and relaxation and its @ Pernites residence.
  • There were sub-groups in the class like Porno Officers, Olopongz, Lolli-Lolli, etc. but that was never an obstruction to them not to bridge the gaps between them.
  • They laugh like there are no tomorrows and you’ll never have dull moments with them.
  • In their Junior High, they were all sent to the prefect of discipline but that did not bring them down.
  • They all love half days.
  • They once made a movie which was never finished and it didn’t even had a title.
  • HALMETHYST is composed of unique individuals with different colorful personalities, having various shades and hue. and when mix together they create a blastful fireworks that lasts a lifetime.
  • their friendship will last ‘till the ages. the whole world may forget that they’ve once existed but the HALMETHYST will surely never forget that once in their lives they’ve experienced the best roller coaster ride ever!
(add - ons)
  • condom was one of their favorite toys, they once played it, pour water into it.. then.. TRALA ! the DODGE CONDOM game was invented :) — Kevin Joven
If you are a fully-pledged HALMETHYST, feel free to add some. it will be highly appreciated. :)
[DRAMAAAA  ! hahaha.. this is just my creative way to say that I MISS YOU :)]

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