Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

Shattered Dream


As I inhale the smoke out from my cigarette,
I discovered my self dancing like a coquette.
I see those flickering lights from the disco ball
Everyone grooves as the beat of the music fall.

Then, I saw this man, he was warm and dignified.
As the speakers blow up, our bodies soon collide.
caused by friction, an intimacy I felt
found my body glued to the buckle of his belt.

Breath smells like beer; erotically turns me on.
Lips that you’ll die caressing for from dusk till dawn.
Deep voice just like the at the concert of Kurt Cobain.
Killer smiles will get you high like hitting cocaine.

Behind those confections is a genuine heart,
Good looking person who never learn how to flaunt.
He’s the man you’ll adore, man close to perfection
Soon enough, you’ll be indulged into obsession.

The clouds covered the moon and made the night darker.
The humid wind coldly blows that makes us shiver.
His arms pulled me, that made our bodies come closer.
The night ended by locking lips together.

I heard the clock ticking.. and noticed the sun rising..
Then ask myself, was it a sweetdream or a beautiful nightmare ?

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