Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

Parting Time


You were standing in a vast of nowhere,
condemned me on the brim for its no queer.
I’m taking left; you are going right,
‘caused by fright we’re having feeling of plight.

Dark was beckoned to me, made me blinded to thee.
Raptured soul in the deep sea, now can’t go and be free.
I was barely scared to confess and profess.
Yet I tried, but it made you scared of making a mess.

The pain torments me without any sake.
An ache you gave that nothing can break.
I’ll carry the agony though you think of me as misery.
For you I’ll pretend to smile even the eyes are teary.

Promise to love you always, ‘till the horizon is reached.
Hoping that we’ll meet at the other side of the beach.
Endlessly I will love you and forsaken you never,
even the artificial flowers begin to wither
and even if the dawn will be there forever.

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