Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

Love’s Prisoner


A glimpse of you incurs my heart to scream
either out of bliss or out of grief, as it seem.
Fluctuating smiles, could be non-fiction or out of sarcasm.
Voice like melodies but mine to you makes me a loathsome.

You’re oxygen of my lungs; creates vitality that glows,
but to you, I’m just the sough of wind that humidly blows.
Couldn’t help my self out from this devotion,
do anything for these dreams to stop or put into action.

A day without seeing you, drowns my heart into the blue.
Don’t know what my fondness could do, for I’m having no clue.
Anguished by my love, wanting to cede it from you.
Feel disgust or gaiety, for this love’s made by few
yet we love so true.

Scrutinous society forbids my heart from loving.
Scared to show ardor; to be gay is sought to be embarrassing.
Forever I’ll be censured in the cage of reality,
better close my eyes and let self freed into fantasy.

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