Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

Love Notes

(an acrostic poem)

Decussated paths we’ve taken, its fate who had chosen.
Oddity you may call it; its love the way I see it.
Nauseated with what I feel, ne’er I’ll stop to make it real.
Avulsion we suffer by what morality dictates.
Repay me with hate, that will never lessen my love’s rate.
Dismal will I surely feel if this bond will be unsealed.

Lies untold by you, no one knows if its false or ev’n true.
Only I’m scared to avow ‘cause people will raise eyebrows.
Pity this love made by gay, its immoral as they say.
Ennui, struggle I can’t bear every time you make a stare.
Zenith I’ll reach, beg the Gods to bridge gaps of our love’s breach.

i ♥ 19

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