Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

A Love in Fairytale


The first glimpse of you brought the colors of rainbow to my heart.
Perfectly you serenade me with melodies of Mozart.
We can run away and unceasingly we will sail.
Falling in love with you is like living a Fairytale.

You’ll be Alladin and together we’ll ride the magic carpet.
Or I’ll be Wendy and you’re Peter Pan, then we’ll both fly and watch the sunset.
You could be the prince who assures the apple isn’t poisoned before I give a bite to it.
Or my knight in shining armor who awakens the sleeping heart with a true love’s kiss.
And I can be the damsel in distress whom you saved from the wicked witch.
But you could simply be just you, the man I fell in love in to.

I can be the Saturn and you’ll be my rings, and eternally we’ll be bound.
We could be a pair of slippers and mutually we’ll get old and rugged.
I’d be coke, you’re the sundae and we both make a perfect coke float.
We are indeed destined to be, just like the paddle and the boat.

I don’t believe in Gaga, that it’s a ‘Bad Romance’, certainly Taylor’s right that ‘you belong with me’.
Maybe I’ll be joining Charice, because I am so in Glee.
Or Miley in the ‘Climb’ so that I’ll get closer to you.
Next time I’ll be featured with Katy ’ cause I’ve always been ‘thinking of you’.

It’s no accident, but its fate that led you to me.
Perpetually I’ll be loving you even if I’ll reach the end of the sea.
It will be a ‘you’ and a ‘me’ to have an inevitable duo.
Nothing can take my love for you even if the whole world says no.

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