Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

The Inner Masculinity


Man was molded with pure insincerity,
manipulates without vicious pity.
Virility and strength are his weapon.
He believed his a tough king; not some pawn.

Fortified arm, enough for you to lose consciousness.
When he wanted something nothing blocks his eagerness.
Insensitive heart was ice-cold and numb,
thought of everyone as his weak little lambs.

Man is a useless disposable material,
but uses and treats others’ like some sort of animal.
When he’s done, you’ll became one of his trophies
Vividly proves he’s great in breaking those promise.

Acts like God who gives verdict of rejection.
He thinks he’s dominant to all other creation.
Always been good in controlling someone like his puppet.
Yet, no one deserves to be his toy nor his marionette.

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