Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

The Departure


You took away with you my heart
Life was no longer as sweet as tart.
Ashamed of who I am, left you no reason to leave.
I’ll do everything for love to be retrieved.

Feelings for you were the source of refuge and strength
Yet, you despised me for I’m gay with no worth
Every disdain and scorn makes me weak,
made my heart so numb as a brick.

Glances of you shapes me into something real and new.
But yours to me to me could be counted for they’re just only a few.
Abandoned me in pain and despair.
Memories of us were blown in the air.

Would you be back even if you’re gone?
Absence of you makes my purpose over and done.
Threads that bind us together are now untied.
I will never stop pulling the strings to have you again by my side.

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