Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

A Contrition


There was silence in me .. then it was broken.
A decision that changed and made my life darken.
The mind was poisoned over so completely,
the heart felt so dizzy with emotions pathetically.

Naive who thought everything will be fine.
Later I realized, I committed a God’s forbidden crime.
A wrong answer that will forever be hunting me.
Tattooed mistake that will linger ‘till the dryness of sea.

Regrets  ! That is all I’ll treasure.
Past will always be with present to mess up with the future.
Misery will be my company all throughout this journey,
shadow of sin never leaves me even if I’ll try to bury.

Now, my life has nothing else to lose.
If I could just pull the hands of the cock back to where I choose,
I”l set it on the time where my sun still shines.
And my worlds revolves; to break the darkness of dawn and heal all of my cries.

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