Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

A Child’s Paranoia

A child is to become student in school,
not a gypsy who loiters and just be a fool
Be in uniform and sing convivial hymn,
not in tarnished clothes full of grime.

Pulling his stroller bag and school supplies inside.
not to push a wagon of bottles and metals inside.
A pencil is to write, a book is to read
and Government is to help; not to be in greed.

In schools, a child is taught to write, read and recite.
In streets, he also recites, screams foul words that contrite.
Learning to use the book and pen grants valor to pursue,
sniffing bottled rugby gives asphyxiation and reason to be sue.

A march on the stage with pride and honor
not to march with the gang who spreads terror and horror.
Winning that rolled paper with seal, makes you magnate
than hitting that rolled stick with noxious vapor and ruins your fate.

It is a right and not a privilege to have cognizance
to glide from the striffing arrow of ignorance.
lack of cognition leads to illiteracy
which will make our country full of pathos and pity.

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