Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

Beauty and Ugliness

(a twist poem)

Beauty is adored and ugliness is abhorred.
The first is all we have wanted while the latter is forever disgusted.
Ugliness may last but beauty will fade.
Its good to be natural rather than to be an artificial.
Real beauty is better for it is pure,
unlike the other; blemished and had done some cure.
Being beautiful would receive sweetness
which makes our world, a world of bitterness.
We pray for fairness yet we’re living a life full of biases.
Fact: our Deity created as equally
though we think of it as fiction in reality.
Blame not God; in life, we all have unique beauty from the start
but we put ugliness before it ends.
Worry no more, ‘cause ugliness in the heart is hated
but the beauty within is admired.

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