Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

The After-Taste of Sin


Sleep no more; the dream I’ve longed was brought into life.
Never thought it will be a nightmare to carry ‘till death.
Want to wake up, but scared to sew back the pieces of life.
Found my self drowning in sea of regrets, I’d rather now lose my breath.

Maiden inside man’s body was never a divine.
T’was a half hour pleasure, but now a burden of a lifetime.
I cried for the ache, the pain that will never be worthy.
But the real agony?? … was losing my inherited purity.

Lustful imagining pushes two to become one.
He penetrated himself, and it was unrighteously done.
The moans were like sweet music to my ears.
Now, the mind and heart scream with tears.

I’ve tasted his warm, fervent vital fluid;
Potion turned out poison, showed me disgust in vivid.
Marks of torrid kisses may not last for it will vanish
but the scenery of sin will never fade even if I’ll wish.

One wrong move and it changed my life’s course.
Ashamed of who I am, but it was me who put a long-lasting curse.
The fiery night was a picture that will forever be painted.
However, my soul will endlessly burning in the flames I’ve created.

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