Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011



Longing for you to spend moments with me vehemently.
You’ve taken me fervently, feeling I’m in ecstasy.
You alone triggers my electrical sensation.
Smile that drags me into a magnetic attraction.

The scent of you drives me intoxicated.
if your skin touches mine, it makes me besotted.
Specially when you talk; warm, wet breath passes your ruby lips,
every inhale of your breath is forever for keeps.

Watching those sweats dripping down on your virile body,
it torments me with the flames of inveiglement ardently.
I’ve always dreamt to glue your scorching chest to mine,
imagining of caressing it while pouring lime.

I am avid of you, I’m zealous to the whole of you.
Dying to sip your precious juice until you’ll turn blue.
I think I’m high, higher than hitting a ‘weed’
Desperation will never be obstructed even if you’ll bleed.

Thinking of entering the rehabilitation,
Just for me to wake up from this addiction.
But now its too late, ‘cause here you are chained with nails and thorns.
Blame me not, for every chains pays all your aversions.

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